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About StaffMentalWellbeing.com

Too many people are struggling and underperforming due to poor mental health.

That's why we founded StaffMentalWellbeing.com.

By helping to create work environments that actively support good mental health practices, we believe that mental health issues are more likely to be prevented, and where not prevented, can be identified at an earlier stage, and resolved more quickly and easily.

We do not think that it is "OK to be not OK".

We think it is OK for people to get the support and help they need to be OK and continually getting better.

StaffMentalWellbeing.com was founded by qualified mental health therapists with extensive business experience. They have also managed teams in both large international organisations, and smaller local businesses.

About Keith Dewey

Our Managing Director, Keith Dewey, is a practising counsellor, psychotherapist and business consultant.

His mental health qualifications and memberships include:

He also has over 20 years corporate experience, working in risk management, compliance, IT, legal and operations roles, across a wide range of industries including financial service, retail, recruitment, market research, regulation, gaming and utilities.

Keith is ready to help you improve you organisation's staff wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

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Staff Mental Wellbeing

StaffMentalWellbeing.com provides organisations with the advice and resources to help staff improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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