ISO45003 Mental Health in the Workplace

What is ISO45003:2021 Psychological Psychosocial Health And Safety At Work?

ISO45003 is the ISO international standard for managing mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Its full title is "ISO 45003:2021 Occupational health and safety management - psychological health and safety at work - Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks."

The standard is based around ISO's normal "plan -> do -> check -> act" approach.

It provides a broad end-to-end framework that incorporates a risk based approach, so that it can be appropriately adapted for each individal organisation.

The ISO45003 Framework

If you are familiar with the ISO standards, you will probably recognise the high level structure of the standard, which covers:

  1. Context of the organisation
  2. Leadership and worker participation
  3. Planning
  4. Support
  5. Operation
  6. Performance evaluation
  7. Improvement

The ISO45003 Contents

At a more detailed level, the ISO45003 psychological health and safety at work guidelines address:

Context of the organisation

This includes the nature of the organisation; relevant internal and external issues that need to be considered; the needs and expectations of workers and other relevant parties; and the scope of the psychosocial health and safety management system.

Leadership and worker participation

This section focuses on considerations around leadership and commitment; policy; organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities; and consultation and participation of workers.


This focuses on actions to address risks and opportunities; and objectives to address psychosocial risk.


This looks at resources; competence; awareness; communication and documented information


Focusing on operational planning and control; emergency preparedness and response; and rehabilitation and return to work

Performance evaluation

Covering processes for monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation; internal audit; and management review


Covering the evolution of operational controls, including incident, nonconformity and corrective actions, and continual improvement considerations.

How to Implement ISO45003

As with all ISO standards, ISO45003 requires a rigorous approach to align your organisation with the guidelines.

When helping organisations to align with ISO45003, we typically:

  1. Collate and assess current state documents and controls.
  2. Establish the core set of documentation, to support the framework.
  3. Enhance the documentation as relevant to the organisation, such as your specific risks and controls.
  4. Enhance roles and responsibilities to support delivery of the operational measures.
  5. Operationally deliver the changes, including colleague surveys, business workshops and training.
  6. Initiate assurance and continual improvement activities.

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